Saturday, March 21, 2015

Proof of Life after death part 3 Mysterious Voice in Utah baby rescue

Allow me to begin by saying that I've heard or reported on a number of "mysterious voices" that came from nowhere to save lives in my books "Flipside" and "It's a Wonderful Afterlife."

One in particular was Harvard/Yale PhD Gary Schwartz's own experience where a "mysterious voice" told him to put on his seatbelt moments before it saved his life in a crash.  I cite the example of Chris Elliot, comedian, who heard a voice say "Wake up skylark!" just prior to watching his niece tumble off the end of a table, where he caught her.  I pointed out to Chris the origin of the term "skylark."  In my own life, I clearly heard my father speak to me after his passing, giving me a list of people he said he was presently with - the names were of friends of his who died in WWII whom I had never heard of, but my mom confirmed were his pals.

So I'm convinced, based on my research, beyond a shadow of doubt that the afterlife exists.  And beyond that, there's a between lives realm where we all return "home" and work out our next incarnation.

Be that as it may.

Some years ago I was called upon as an expert witness in a trial where the key piece of evidence was from a security camera that I was asked to examine.  I blew up the footage, slowed it down, pieced it together and showed clearly what had happened in the video - which from a taped perspective was about a quarter mile away.  But by zooming and slowing down, and highlighting the various parts of the tape, I was able to demonstrate what happened.  I was certified as an expert witness in the case.  

So I have some experience examining filmed "evidence."

So I examined closely the "mysterious voice" heard during the rescue of this baby Lily in Utah.  (I've also contributed a small amount to her recovery, I encourage everyone reading this to do so, it's on the website - Jennifer and Lily.)

In my opinion, what the policemen heard is not what's indicated on the tape.

I learned something from Gary Schwartz, who is a scientist first and foremost.  And he's repeated it a number of times to me.  "It's data. Put it on the table."  We can't hope that data shows us an outcome, we can only hope that data will show us to an outcome.  And in this case, I think the policemen, heroes all, may have misheard what they thought they heard.  My two cents.

Again - if it's research that shows there's an afterlife, it's worth examining.  If it showed the opposite I'd report that as well.  I think there's quite a bit of it out there if people have an open mind about it.  And that's how I approached this account as well - with an open mind.  Hope you do as well!

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