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Hacking the Afterlife on Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving.

From Southern Cal

It's a good day when we can give thanks, when we stop to consider how we got here.  And a note about

I've filmed 25 people under deep hypnosis now, and just about every one of those sessions, the person asks their "guides" - 

"How am I doing?"

Meaning, "Am I on the right path? What should I be doing differently?"

And nearly every time the guides respond with "You're on the right path. You're doing exactly what you signed up for. Give yourself some credit for getting this far."

How do we give ourselves some credit?

By giving thanks.  By noticing where we are on the planet, and how we got to be where we are at this very moment.  Could be with help from loved ones, family - and a good reason to celebrate them, to honor them, to remember them.

Recently I've made friends with a mathematician.

We were talking about his life and his path and his journey - and I said to him "Well, I know this is going to sound odd to you, but I've filmed a number of sessions with people where they claim to see geometric shapes that the visible eye can't see.  Further, they claim that these shapes or fractals contain information, or data, or somehow are linked to our previous lifetimes here.  People have compared them to "portable hard drives" that travel with us during our lifetimes to help us have access to events that happened previously, functioning as "ball bearings" that help keep our machinery working."

Sierpinski Triangle
Typical fractal

I half expected him to burst into laughter.  Instead, he said

"I see them all the time."

I asked "while you're dreaming?"  He said "No, I see them when I'm conscious.  Out of the corner of my eye.  And I have a number of colleagues who see them as well.  It's not something we normally talk about, but I have met others."

So here is a gentleman, a man who works in math on theoretical physics, on quantum theory, confirming something that I found in my research while listening to people under deep hypnosis.

That's the reason I'm working on this new book "Hacking the Afterlife."  They idea is to take information that I've discovered there, and then ask people who've never been hypnotized, or who we might not expect to have any knowledge of these events, and see what we can learn from them.

I asked the mathematician to draw one.  He did. Looked like a series of waves over a DNA Hexamer. I asked him what the lines contained.  He said "I don't know. But this is what I've seen."  I asked if it was possible that they contained data.  He didn't know, but figured it was possible.

Yesterday I was talking to someone who works in the medical industry, helping create conferences for surgeons and doctors wordwide. This person's background is firmly rooted in materialist science.  Yet, after a few minutes talking about the research in my afterlife studies, she said "Well, I heard a voice speak to me once - it saved my life."

I told her about Gary Schwartz's experience - the Harvard Professor was driving in a car with his wife when he heard someone say "Put on your seatbelts."  He told his wife to put on her belt, and minutes later they were rear ended, and the belts saved their lives.  He's spent the rest of his career trying to figure out what the science is behind that voice.  (I suggested to him that he might want to focus on "who" the voice was.)

This person agreed with me - as she said she recognized the voice of the person who told her to "slow down" while she was driving in a forest in Europe.  She did, and just missed a car accident.  She said three different times this same voice has spoken to her, always related to driving, always a male voice.  (I suggested perhaps it was time to "slow down" in general.)  But she couldn't place who the male voice was - guessed it was someone close to her - but could not identify the voice beyond that it had saved her life a number of times.

What's going on?

Well, on one hand, by using hypnotherapy, we can get to the source of these questions. Once you understand the architecture of the flipside, the general idea of how things work after we check off the planet, you can ask questions about it.  And ask questions to people who are no longer on the planet about it.

So if you're interested in hearing more, seeing more, please visit and donate to my gofundme page - at

Thanks for all the donations already, and have a great Thanksgiving!!!


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Quantum Weirdness, Biocentrism and the Flipside

Some pals of mine turned me on to Robert Lanza's book "Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe."

Excellent tome, highly recommended.  Some observations based on the research that I've been doing into first hand accounts of people no longer on the planet:

Review of Biocentrism by Richard Conn Henry, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, The Johns Hopkins University (Journal of Scientific Exploration)

“The heart of [biocentrism], collectively, is correct. On page 15 they say “the animal observer creates reality and not the other way around.” That is the essence of the entire book, and that is factually correct. It is an elementary conclusion from quantum mechanics.

So what Lanza says in this book is not new. Then why does Robert have to say it at all? It is because we, the physicists, do NOT say it–or if we do say it, we only whisper it, and in private–furiously blushing as we mouth the words. True, yes; politically correct, hell no!

Bless Robert Lanza for creating this book, and bless Bob Berman for not dissuading friend Robert from going ahead with it. Not that I think Robert Lanza could be dissuaded–this dude doesn’t dissuade! Lanza’s remarkable personal story is woven into the book, and is uplifting. You should enjoy this book, and it should help you on your personal journey to understanding.

In Dr. Lanza's book (with Bob Berman) goes into how quantum theory works only when consciousness is added to its mechanics.

That consciousness - and the way that Dr. Lanza discusses it, the observer observing phenomena creates that phenomena (because it's translated into phenomena in the brain.)

I've found the same accounts in the research I've been doing into what people say about the afterlife through eyewitness accounts (near death experiences) via hypnosis sessions (memories of previous lifetimes and the between lifetime arena) and mediums (not discussing predictions, but when discussing architecture of the afterlife.)  

I've found that there are some key maxims that dovetail with Dr. Lanza's work. Here's ten of 'em.

1. Everything is energy.

Just so we're on the same page here, it's important to note that - everything, every thought, deed, action, feeling, emotion has its roots in energy. Thoughts are energy, emotions are energy, matter is energy agreeing to hold together in one place.

2. We are energetic beings.

We influence what we're going to see or perceive, or experience, based on our reception of that energy, like a stereo receiver.  And like a stereo receiver, or tv set, we have certain filters that block out other information - either because it's unnecessary, or it would interrup our functioning properly (or living out our lives as we've planned to do so.)  And by the way, in some of the accounts I've examined, people on the flipside claim that when two individuals come together, they can create any structure over there that they want to - classrooms, schools, homes, a bar - whatever floats their boat.  But it takes focus and concentration of energy. 

("Afterlife of Billy Fingers" by Annie Kagan, "My Life after Life" by Galen Stoler, "My Life After Death" by Erik Medhus all contain the same basic concept.)

3. Time is holographic in nature.

Dr. Lanza talks about people revisiting, as he does, their youth and other time frames, noting that they still exist.  They exist in our minds to be sure, but they exist inherently, since time is a structure of our experience.  So previous time periods exist, as well as people who lived in these time periods also still exist.  

4. No one dies.

He notes that this is what his research has proven to him.  And it is the same thing that I've learned in my research - but to take it a step further, no one dies, but everyone is accessible.  Meaning if you had the coordinates of a person - the time frame when they existed in the form that you want to access (not in a present lifetime, or a previous one) you can access these individuals.  And you can do it consistenly with different people in different places.  it's a matter of asking someone to see if they can access someone who used to be on the planet, and then if they can, to ask that person who is no longer on the planet to answer some basic questions about their existence, or more importantly "their opinion" about what's currently happening at the moment.

5. Everything is relative.

I've found this to be true as well.  So if I ask medium A to access a historical figure, they will do their best to speak or observe or translate what they're sensing or hearing.  I then ask medium B to access the same person - and while I get the same basic answers to events in that person's life, I get a slightly different impression of that person - because of the filter that is being used to access that person.  For example, I've done extensive historical research into the life of Amelia Earhart.  I've worked on two films about her life, and know some intimate details about her life that aren't public knowledge.  I've spoken to "Amelia" or a form of Amelia through a variety of different mediums to ask further questions about her path and journey on the planet - about "what happened" and why.  Depending on the skills of the medium I've gotten detailed answers to questions I know for a fact I'm the only person privy to - and further have been told details ("new information") by her that turn out to be true upon further forensic investigation.  

I bring this up not because I've done extensive research into Earhart's life and death, but because I've been able to use this odd method to access information from her. 

6. Time is relative.

I know how weird that sounds - but I've found it to be accurate. First of all, time and space are a construct of our realm.  That doesn''t mean they don't exist in the realm outside this realm - but that it's inherently different. I've spoken to a number of people about time "outside" of time - and one person said "It's relative. If you look at a string you'll see that it goes from left to right - but if you look at it from the end, it's all one piece.  So it depends upon your point of view."

Got that?  --------- is a linear expression of time.  But O is also an expression of time, if O is the end of the string - and you're looking down it. So time is relative as well.

7. If we don't die, then everyone who has ever lived is accessible.

Hard to get your mind around - but think of anyone in human history. Imagine for a moment that 2000 years to someone outside of time might feel like a couple of weeks.  So talking to someone who existed 2000 years ago isn't that hard to fathom.  So how to reach out to that person?  You merely have to ask for them.  How to ask for them?  You need to access the energetic pattern that once existed as them.  Which is back to the hologram of time.  If once we're outside of time we're outside of time - then it's no problem for me to ask a question to Plato, Cicero, take your pick.  They didn't die, they can't die, they aren't dead, so therefore they still exist.

Have they reincarnated? It's likely, it's possible, but it's up to them.  Can we access all of their lifetimes? Why not? I've interviewed numerous people who've seen or witnessed dozens of their own lifetimes, and remember details from all of them.  If we can access our own memory of various lifetimes, then why not access someone else's memory of their lifetimes?

8. There are no questions that can't be answered.

Ah, but that's the rub. How do you ask the question?  You might want to know how to turn salt water to fresh water. Or coal to gold.  Is it possible?  Well, it may or may not be physically possible - but there's no question that can't be posed to those who would know, to those who are outside our time frame, to those who had a hand in the creation of the universe.

9. If consciousness is responsible for the creation of the Universe, then why can't we ask it questions?

We can. I have. I would argue that if you ask one person, or one entity a question of such magnitude, you'll get a complex answer. But if you ask 100 people on the flipside the same question, you'll eventually see a pattern in the answers.  It could be the human being making up the answer, it could be some kind of universal memory of events - but it could also be the answer.  And there's no point in asking a question you know the answer to.  Ask the questions you don't know the answer to.

10. The veil is thinning.

I don't know why this is, but it's been reported often in many sessions. It's been reported by people under deep hypnosis, by mediums, by people on the flipside who when asked "why is it so easy to access you?" the answer is "because the veil is thinning."

What is the veil?  Is it a filter in the minds of humans that doesn't allow us to access other information, the way snakes and bees can access ultra violet light?  Is it a form of energy that allows dolphin to communicate with each other soundlessly to perform complex maneuvers in synch that haven't been taught? Is it the definition of quantum weirdness? Or quantum entanglement where one photon always knows what's happening with the other photon?

I don't know.

But I bet we'll find out.

Some further thoughts for today:

In "Biocentrism" Lanza has opened up a can of worms, or perhaps a panorama of pandorian perplexity.  He shows (it's a "proof" really, a scientific paper that argues for something to be true) that consciousness - or whatever we call mind - is intimately involved in every part of the universe including but not limited to, its creation. It begins with "if a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound?"  (if your ear doesn't hear the sound wave, then "sound" doesn't exist) and moves into quantum entanglement and describes my new favorite branch of science "quantum weirdness." 

What does this have to do with It's a Wonderful Afterlife: Further Adventures in the Flipside? The books interview people who've been to "this other realm" or scientists who examine this "other realm" through near death experiences, out of body experiences or while under deep hypnosis. 

And what they say about the journey dovetails with what Dr. Lanza (with Berman) is writing about - that consciousness does go on, and quantum science is an explanation for it.  But it's a bit like a scientist standing on the edge of a continent and saying "there's land over here!" Everyone and their brother will deny there's land over there, and will argue for not exploring that land for fear of ... perhaps destroying our land. But when you speak to the explorers who've been there - to that land - you get a consistency of reporting.  

They're saying the same basic things about this territory - "it's vast" "beyond the brain's ability to comprehend" "time doesn't exist" (or it exists relatively different) "I saw my loved ones, held their hands" "I saw all of my various lifetimes at once in a flash" "I spoke to my spirit guide who showed me why I chose this lifetime" "I felt like I was close to source, or God" "I loved it so much I didn't want to come back" "there's a feeling of unconditional love over there" "I see now why I chose this difficult life, to help others out of compassion" "I saw Jesus, and he was wearing jeans and a tee shirt" "I met my spirit guide, who has been with me for all my lifetimes" "It's so awesome I can't use words to describe it."  

I've been getting these reports - on film - for the past six years. At first I didn't know what to make of it - "how could all these people who've never met be making up the same story about the journey of souls?"  "How is it that I, who am not trained in therapy at all, can merely ask a series of questions and get the same answers that people give while under deep hypnosis, or from their subconscious about a near death experience?"  

Here, for the first time in my experience, is a biologist who offers some logical conclusions about how consciousness creates our universe - but I would offer - to what end is that happening?

And from what I've learned in this research is that there is a reason for that - it's not random, it's not karmic and it's not willy nilly - there's a logic (and symmetry and beauty) to the entire program, to the adventure, to what it is we're doing here on the planet. 

And my observations are not limited to my brain capacity, nor my ability to ask people unusual questions, or to have a camera in the right place at the right time - we are all imbued with these abilities, we are all spirits living as human beings, and even though a majority of us (Lanza puts it at 75%) will never have an apotheosis, or experience where we see how "all things are connected" (I haven't, but I've interviewed many who have) in this lifetime - that "spiritual awakening" that the NY Times magazine wrote about in 1976 (He quotes it in the book), that doesn't mean that we can't put our minds around it, hone the abilities we have to sense and feel and emote, and allow that all of this research is being done for the betterment of the planet.  

On January 26, 1976, the New York Times Magazine published an entire article on this phenomenon, along with a survey showing that at least 25 percent of the population have had at least one experience that they described as “a sense of the unity of everything,” and “a sense that all the universe is alive.” Fully 40 percent of the 600 respondents additionally reported it as “a conviction that love is at the center of everything” and said it entailed “a feeling of deep and profound peace.”

Berman, Bob; Lanza, Robert (2010-02-02). Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe (p. 34). BenBella Books, Inc.. Kindle Edition. 

My two cents with some spare change.

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Flipside Book Talks

Here's my 'FLIPSIDE BOOK TALKS' page on youtube.  There's some repetition here, but some of this bears repeating.


Journey Into Tibet

I spent a few weeks with Robert Thurman in Tibet, documenting his journey there. There are clips avail on youtube, but here is the complete documentary "Journey Into Tibet."