Friday, March 13, 2015

My Birthday Gift to you... my film "Flipside"

Yes, it is the day after the day - when 60 odd years ago, I woke up on this planet.

I can tell you that I've witnessed the event.

When I went agreed to "go under hypnosis" for a 4 hour "between life" session, given by Michael Newton trained Jimmy Quast ( 6 years ago, I did so with the half a mind of "proving" this research to be false.

Meaning I hadn't gone there to be put under hypnosis - I was convinced I could not be put under hypnosis, and despite having read hundreds of accounts of people under hypnosis talking about the afterlife, I had a skeptic's mind.  "Perhaps they were led by the therapist."  "Perhaps they wanted to have an outcome and got the one that they wanted."  

I was determined to not allow myself to be led anywhere.  And if the therapist asked "what do you see?" and I didn't see anything, I was prepared to say for four hours "Sorry, I don't see a thing."

But that's not what happened.  He asked "what's your first memory?" And I saw myself coming from darkness to light and seeing this bright hospital room, feeling the cold air.  Even seeing the Doctor's bright green hazel eyes, with his mask and the weird metal thing they wore back in the 50's.  Only he was holding me upside down, the old "spank them for air" move with his hands around my feet.  But I was fully aware that I was looking at him "rightside up."  I can still clearly see this Doctor's face in my mind's eye (although for the life of me, don't remember his name.)

I saw other things while under "deep hypnosis" the technique pioneered by Michael Newton ("Journey of Souls").

I saw a previous lifetime.  I verified things that happened in that lifetime that I could not have known in this lifetime.  I saw a life between lives where I spoke to and visited with people who are no longer on the planet but gave me "new information" - meaning information that could not have come from my conscious mind.

Since then I've filmed 25 cases (and three more of my own sessions) as well as examined cases of near death experience, scientists on the forefront of consciousness research and synthesized the information into my books "Flipside" and "It's a Wonderful Afterlife."

But none of that would have happened if Michael Newton and his hypnotherapy group, the Newton Institute, not allowed me to turn on my cameras and film them doing their work. 

It takes a brave soul to let the camera into a darkened room - on behalf of the clients allowing it to be there, and those who are doing the session. (If you want to try the process out for yourself, find a therapist that you can speak to over the phone at

Picture your own story for a moment.  Would you allow a camera into a room where you were revealing perhaps your most intimate moments of your life?  I'd be hard pressed to agree to it.  And yet, there I was behind the camera.  Sometimes my jaw dropping, sometimes searching for verification while the person was talking ("they're saying they lived in such and such town in Arkansas?  Is there such a town in Arkansas? There is.. and there's this very street they're talking about...")  The books contain all the cites from various forensic research into whether or not people were being accurate about their past life memories.

But it's between life where we find the gold.  Our spiritual gold.

So - this is a long way of saying that this film has been supporting me and my kids, so if you like it and want to share it - please, buy a DVD for a friend, or get one of the books in Kindle, or listen to in Audible - or share it with someone.  

Give this gift that I've been given, to someone else. Share this page. Share the link. Go for it. If in 90 minutes you don't think a little bit differently about the planet than you did when you began to watch, you can have your money back.  

This is a private link to my film.  

By offering it as a gift to you here, I must have faith that there's a reason that you need to see this film today.  The link won't be up forever, and I'll eventually change the link on youtube.  So don't take too long to watch it.

But in the meantime, without further adieu, here is the 90 minute version of my film about my journey into the Afterlife:

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