Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Couple of things...

Thanks y'all for making my book #1 Amazon kindle in this genre.

As a first time author, the Catch 22 has been that I couldn't get the big publishers to publish FLIPSIDE - although they all claimed to like it - because I'm not an expert in the field, normally what's needed to ensure getting published.  But now that it's #1 in its field - that makes me a bit of an expert, even though it doesn't make a lick of sense. So thanks, and that will be helpful in my next book - which will be in the same genre, as I've continued filming people under deep hypnosis since it came out.
George Noory

For those of you who haven't heard it, please check out this link for a video posted of the show that aired on "Coast To Coast" with George Noory. I had a blast doing the show - George made it seem like he was interested in the topic, and made my job easier - to fill 3 hours of airtime with tales from the Flipside.

I also appreciate those who've been watching my Earhart film - Earhart's Electra,which is available here:

That's an entirely different chapter in my life, but like the work in "Flipside" is something that's been in my life.

Dr. Michael Newton
But again, I'm a journalist and a documentary filmmaker - I'm not espousing a point of view, a belief, or trying to upend any belief system.  I'm just reporting what people say under deep hypnosis - in Michael Newton's research, he and his therapists have had over 7000 clients say the same things about the afterlife.  I've filmed 15 - some that I recruited, some who'd never heard of Michael Newton, or were vaguely familiar with his work, some who were convinced they could "never be hypnotized."

Dr. Greyson

I've reported my findings to the University of Virginia where I met with Dr. Bruce Greyson, ("Father of NDE research") Dr. Jim Tucker (Reincarnation studies) Dr. Ed Kelly (EEG studies of psychic phenomena) and some other experts in their field.  They'd all read "Flipside" before our meeting and we discussed how hypnosis as its been practiced for the past 100 years hasn't been a tool of science.  However, because of the depth of Michael Newton's techniques - five and six hour sessions, people were able to attain a transdepth that allowed them to go deeper and further.  The film and transcripts of the book show that the questions asked are not leading or guiding the client to these areas or realms - they do the guiding and leading on their own.

And what they say about the Flipside is uniform - or amazingly the same throughout the planet.  Doesn't seem to matter who the therapist is or who the subject is - they all say relatively the same things when asked the same questions.  So that's the beginning of a study that might be conducted by these fellows.  We'll see.

Friday, September 14, 2012

#1 Best Selling Amazon Kindle Book (in its genre)

Oh wow. I just saw this on Amazon - "Flipside" is the #1 best selling book of this genre

To quote Steven Jobs: Oh Wow.

Thank you Coast to Coast! 

#1 in Kindle Store, #3 in New Age books, #6 in Motivational Books.

My Life After Life

At the tail end of the "coast to coast" broadcast, I mentioned a book called "My Life After Life" - I'm mentioning it again because of an email I read the other day regarding the book.

Galen's book
It was written by Galen Stoller - a 16 year old boy who passed away a few years ago.  His father, a pediatrician, had a friend who is a psychic and he reached out to her to see if he could contact his son.  He did.  And the son suggested to his dad that he "write a book."  So the dad set about writing one - and after a year admitted that he just couldn't finish it.  The son said "No dad, not a book about you - a book about me, written by me."

So they set about doing so.  He channeled what his son was experiencing in the afterlife and wrote it down.  It's a vivid pretty mind blowing vision of what happens when we die.    I become interested in the book when I read about classrooms in the Afterlife that Galen was attending.  For those of you who've read "Flipside," these classrooms are reported quite a bit - and have been reported in James Van Praagh's book "Talking to Heaven" and other places.  In the film "Flipside" I recount my own between life session where it felt like I visited a couple of these classrooms.

I also wanted to know if the father (or the son) had known about reports of classrooms in the afterlife from any afterlife research - the father told me that he hadn't, nor had his son.  The accounts of these classrooms is pretty uniform - what I've gathered from my own research is that they are usually classes in energy transference - I visit two such classrooms in "Flipside" but from the point of view of an interloper - in Galen's case, he's a student in one of the chairs in his own classes.

But something happened the other day that will give this account further resonance.  The father got an email from a woman in St. Louis whose husband died.  They'd spent 50 years together and were very close.  She has a friend who is a medium, and the medium offered to contact her husband for her.  In the session, the husband said "there's a boy over here, his name is Galen and he's written a book. It has a red cover and a picture of Galen on the cover. I think it would help you understand what its like over here."

In her own words:"I first heard about Galen’s book from my husband, who is on the other side.  I was having a reading and (my husband) started describing a book with a red and green cover and gave the title.  The reader (medium) hadn’t heard about it because it had just been published.  I got the book, read it as fast as I could.  it is a beautiful book.  Then the next reading I had with my husband, we discussed it.  He wanted me to have more insight into what it was like where is now, although he stressed that it wasn’t just Galen’s environment but close... I asked him if he knew Galen and he said no, but the book was known there." -- 

The medium says she'd never heard of the book or the title.  The father had just self published it, so it wasn't widely known.  But the deceased husband said "I'm not in the same place as Galen, but his book accurately describes the journey and passage here."  The woman wrote to Galen's dad to thank him for publishing this book - which her husband had led her to.

For me, I'm happy to know that our work - here or there - can be observed or examined.  Wow. Perhaps bookstores over there are doing better than they are over here!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Coast to Coast appearance

Thanks to all of you who tuned in last night, and have written such lovely notes today.  It's this odd construct - two strangers talk on the phone as if they're old friends, and every twenty minutes or so one friend says "And we'll be right back to talk about fantastic stories from the Flipside and author Rich Martini" - and then you hear an ad for or Elton John playing "Your Song."  And then you repeat that for three hours.

Did my best to tell the story as it was told to me.  As I'm fond of saying "don't shoot the messenger."  I'm not espousing a belief system here - I'm just reporting what thousands have said while under deep hypnosis about the afterlife - and our journey and choices to come back here.  All you need is love, is what they say. Love is all there is.  Love to all of you.  Here's the clip from the website:

Afterlife & Reincarnation

Host:George Noory
Guests:Richard MartiniStewart Rhodes
Journalist and filmmaker Rich Martini discussed his incredible journey finding evidence for the afterlife, life between lives, and "soul groups." He extensively interviewed Dr. Michael Newton, known for his pioneering work on life between lives. Newton put some 7,000 people under deep hypnosis over a 30-year period, and found a number of commonalities amongst his clients regarding reincarnation and the afterlife. For instance, he discovered that people had a specific color associated with them during their between-lives world that was related to their spiritual progression or age of their souls. Martini filmed a number of people's hypnotherapy sessions, including his own. One of the sessions was with a woman who experienced being a holocaust victim in a past life. During her between-lives state, she said she met with a Council of Elders, who surprisingly told her that "it was harder to play the role of a perpetrator than a victim."
According to Martini's research, while in the between-lives world, we conduct a planning session, often with members of our soul group, deciding who is going to play what role in the next lifetime. People typically have between 3 to 25 members in their soul group, and when they find each other, there is a sense that they are "home," he said. A commonality Martini found, is that when people are regressed they say their soul enters a new fetus at around the four months mark. Interestingly, only 1/3 of the person's soul goes into the body and the rest resides in the spiritual realm, and is only reunited at physical death, he continued.
He shared details of his own lengthy hypnotic regression, in which he experienced a previous life as an Indian Medicine Man, and attended a classroom about "energy reconstruction" during the between-lives state. For more, check out a trailer for his documentary, FlipSide. Martini also touched on his extensive research into the fate of Amelia Earhart. He interviewed a number of witnesses who saw her plane in a hangar in Saipan. He concluded that she was held prisoner by the Japanese (who probably thought she was a spy) from 1937-42, and was executed after United States shelled Saipan.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Coast to Coast Tues 9-11 from 11 to 2 am

I think I might have been driving from SF to LA one night and in Fresno, tuned into George Noory's "Coast to Coast AM"  -- I know it was a show that was either out there, or almost out there, and when I got an email the other day asking if I'd like to come on the show and speak about "Flipside" - I thought - "well there you go."  Here's what they have on their site already: Tue 09-11  Navigating the Afterlife

But on the other hand, I tuned into the show a few nights ago, and listened to this guy describe something that really wasn't very believable.  And after George asked him a few questions, he took phone calls - and there were people calling in around the globe talking about the same problem this guy was having.  And at some point I realized I had gone from skeptic to skept....  I wasn't convince it was actually real, but I was convinced it was worth looking into...

Which is the experience you're going to have tuning in to listen to me speak about "Flipside: a Tourist's Guide on How to Navigate the Afterlife" on 9-11-12 from 11 am to 2 am east coast time.  I'm also going to talk about my film "Earhart's Electra: Eyewitness Reports on What Happened to Amelia Earhart's plane."

I don't think you have to tune into the site at that very moment - or go to your local radio show - they put all the shows up online, so if you want to wait a couple of years before hearing it, be my guest.

At this point, I'm not even sure I can stay up past midnight any more (ah, those days of all nighters in college!), and if you hear me breathing heavily into the phone, please think WAKE UP RICH.

I'm flattered to be invited, I think to myself - ok, having written for Variety, Premiere, - having written and directed a number of feature films - what the heck am I doing on Coast to Coast?  I guess you'll have to tune in to fine out.



Monday, September 3, 2012

Flipside in Virginia Beach

Hi, just got back from a trip to DOPS at the University of Virginia where I got the rare opportunity to speak to some great scientists about the research in "Flipside."  We had a really interesting, lively discussion about the possibility of examining this work from a more scientific point of view - I'm happy to say they were open to what I was saying - even though it's not in the scientific lexicon to use hypnosis as a form of investigation - but we discussed possible ways it might be able to be studied in the future.

Then I was able to speak to the Virginia Beach IANDS group (International Near Death Studies group) at the Edgar Cayce institute A.R.E. about "Flipside" - a two hour chat that was videotaped and will be available asap.  In the afternoon we screened the documentary and spoke about it for quite some time.

For those of you not familiar with Virginia Beach, it's the only place I've ever been where people speak about past lives, and spiritual journeys in the same breath they speak of the weather.  It's an amazing group of really interesting people who've had some really interesting experiences - I was invited to a pot luck dinner and the conversation went from a gentleman who remembered a past life where he was murdered on a slave ship to a person who had a Near Death experience that changed her life, to a woman whose son had passed away the week before and he had appeared to her just afterwards to say "stop crying mom, I'm ok, I'm fine."

They invited me to their fellowship meeting on Sunday morning where they shared prayers and songs and wishes of good hope, and I spoke for a half an hour about practical methods to deal with helping people in spiritual need, talking about the Tibetan meditations - "the Jewel Tree of Tibet" as it was taught to me by Tenzin Robert Thurman, and "Tonglen" as it has been studied by Richard Davidson at the University of Wisconsin, where he's used science to prove it to be an effective antidote for depression.

If you enlarge you'll see odd "orbs" on my head that are in many
 pix from this event. I think I know what they are, I mention them in "Flipside"
but never saw any pix of myself with them floating about. (Pic: Dick Dinges) 

Here's a letter of recommendation that was forwarded along to me - in case someone would like me to come and speak about "Flipside" wherever you are....

I am the President of Virginia Beach Friends of IANDS (International Association for Near-Death Studies). Our group hosts speakers who have had transformational experiences, and we present them once a month to an average audience of around 50 people at Edgar Cayce's A. R. E. in Virginia Beach, VA.

I have been scheduling speakers for the last several years.This past Saturday, Sept. 1, Rich Martini of Santa Monica, CA was our speaker, and he was wonderful. His topic was perfect for us, and his delivery was exciting. One of our Board members, Jeff, told me that Rich was the best speaker we have had so far. I can't think of anyone I enjoyed more.

Rich lost a friend to death, and wanted to be in touch with her if he could. His path led him to be regressed in the manner Dr. Michael Newton taught. Rich went into his regression as a skeptic, but came away convinced that what he experienced was real and true. He saw his friend. After that he interviewed Dr. Michael Newton. He filmed many regressions and interviewed many people on their experiences. Now his passion is to tell what he has learned. This is what he feels is the purpose of his life

Rich tells his story in his book, FLIPSIDE: A TOURIST'S GUIDE ON HOW TO NAVIGATE THE AFTERLIFE, and documentary movie of the same name.

I am writing not only to recommend a speaker who has become a friend, but also to promote what I feel is the new perspective on the meaning of our lives. (I write this as an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ who taught from the Bible for most of my 26 years of pastoral ministry.) This is how I understand it. Our lives on Earth are dramas we create together in our soul groups in the spiritual realm. We write the parts, we put on the human costumes, and we live out the dramas. Then our physical bodies die and we return to spirit to find among other things that the villains in our dramas were really only other actors in our soul group. Then we work with our Guides and group to create a new drama for fun and growth in our capacity to love.

There is no fear in this perspective. There is no division. We are all part of the Oneness. We have unlimited opportunities to experience all the facets of life. That's what thousands of people say after having been regressed. What a message for the world! I want to help promote that message. That's why I am recommending Rich Martini .

Rich speaks spontaneously and enthusiastically. He has a hundred stories to tell and he doesn't need any notes. He speaks with humor and expressive body language. Finally, let me describe one incident that Rich reported in his talk. Rich was observing a regression. The subject asked his Guide, "What is God?" The Guide answered. "God is greater than the human mind can comprehend. But God can be experienced by opening up to everyone and every thing."

Dick Dinges, Virginia Beach

Josie Varga - Virginia Beach Friends of IANDSRich Martini

SEPTEMBER 1: Saturday morning from 10:00-12:00 p.m., at Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.

From 10 – noon Mr. Martini will describe his after-death communication (ADC) with his close friend, actress Luana Anders, which started him on an exploration to understand where we go when we die. That exploration led Rich to the work of Michael Newton, to meeting Dr. Newton, and to his own profound past-life and life-between-life regression. During that session, which was filmed, Rich recognized his present family members and came to understand the role they play in his life today. Suggested donation at the door is $5.

From 2:30 – 4:30 Mr. Martini will present his documentary film, “FLIPSIDE: A TOURIST’S GUIDE ON HOW TO NAVIGATE THE AFTERLIFE,” which goes hand-in-hand with his book of the same name. Admission is $10. Refer to for complete information, and Contact Dick Dinges at (757) 575-2759.

Rich Martini - Flipside

In the film, Mr. Martini explores startling new evidence for life after death by documenting the life-between-lives experience. Based on the evidence of thousands of such regressions, we learn that after physical death we return to be with our loved ones, soul mates, and spiritual teachers, and together with them we choose how and when we will reincarnate. The movie and book present interviews with hypnotherapists trained in the method pioneered by Dr. Michael Newton, as well as actual between-life sessions, including Rich Martini’s own session.

Journey Into Tibet

I spent a few weeks with Robert Thurman in Tibet, documenting his journey there. There are clips avail on youtube, but here is the complete documentary "Journey Into Tibet."