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Jewel Tree Meditation of Flipside

Just a couple of notes of merriment. 

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It's a particularly hard time around the holidays when your loved ones are far away, either in spirit or physically.

There's a Buddhist meditation about that, and perhaps giving yourself a taste of that can be helpful.

Put yourself in a calm place, or a place where you feel calm.  That could be a Starbucks, or a lake or a pond, or in your chair while you're reading up on the latest online news.

Sit back for a moment and breathe.  You know what I mean.  Literally, sit back, take a deep breath and let it go.

Stressed from shopping?  Stressed from getting gifts?  Stressed from giving gifts? Stressed because there's no money to give gifts?  (Sing it).  Stressed because everything seems a little bit more heightened at this moment?

Take a deep breath.  Let it all go.

Look around you.  What do you see?  Did you ever notice that particular thing before?  What's it doing in your field of view?  Did my suggesting you look at it bring it into view, or was it always there and you just didn't consider it?  Could be a photograph, or a pencil, or a person sitting on the other side of the coffee shop.  (I met my wife in a Starbucks, and in 20 minutes, after realizing how much we had in common I said "Let's just skip down and get married and have a couple of kids."  She was convinced I say that to everyone at Starbucks.)  But I digress.

Breathe in.  Listen to what sounds you might be able to hear.  Are they unique?  Annoying?  What are they really? Waves of sound just coming your way?  Let them pass through, don't attach anything to them.

Breathe in.  And then breathe out. 

Now, here comes the fun part.  Don't do this while driving.  Imagine yourself sitting by a pond somewhere, the most beautiful lake you've ever seen.  Then imagine a tree coming out of that lake.  A magnificent tree, and hear the sound of the leaves as it rises out of the water.  Birds come and land on your tree. The sun is at the right height to really allow you to see this tree.  Feel the warmth of the sun, listen to the sound of the birds.

Then in the center of the tree put the happiest person you know.  It could be someone alive or dead, doesn't matter. Just put them there in the tree.  Gaze up at them, and let them gaze down upon you.  Welcome them to your tree.  

And then open up a channel from your heart, straight up into the tree, like a laser beam of light.  Let it hit that person in the center of the tree and light them up with love.  And it starts their engine as well, and they return that love to you.  Could be anyone - your mom, your dad, your most sacred deity, your best friend - whoever it is, shower them with that unconditional love.

(Funny, it's the most common thing I've heard in NDE's and LBL's - a sense of "unconditional love."  As opposed to "conditional love?"  That would be.. "Uh, yeah, I love you... but...")  I digress.
And now put everyone you love around this person and do the same with them.  Open up the iris of this beam of light and allow them to return it equally.  Feel that intense love coming from you and then it returns more powerful, stronger than before.

Then put around your loved ones from near and far, alive or dead, people you see on a daily basis, who may be sad or unhappy, or stressed.  Put them up there too, why not?  It's a tree for the masses.  And then finally after them, put up there the people you really don't like, or can't stand, or believe that you hate.  Or that you believe hate you.  (Because hate is a relative thing - the person you "hate" in middle school may become a best friend later on in life).  

They're startled to be called into your tree, but they like the light.  They like the feeling up there. So you've got this magnificent tree in front of you, filled with your loved ones, friends and acquaintances.  

Then put gifts in each one of their hands.  Could be anything - it's free! - you just imagine it and hand it to them, and see that look of happiness, gratitude, or love coming from them.  It's your gift to them.  Didn't cost you anything but the time it took to read this blog.

Give love freely.  Feel the vibration of the return that comes to you.  Breathe in that golden healing light that showers you, breathe out as much healing energy and light as you can muster.   

And then, just for fun - turn the healing light to snow - let it blanket everyone.  They aren't cold, just startled by the white flakes falling on them.  Healing snow, melting into their hearts, making their gifts turn white.

Then slowly one by one thank them for appearing in your life, or your tree, and then allow them to dissolve, until you're back to your most beloved... and thank them for taking away all your pain and stress today, because that's a gift from them to you.

Merry Holidays, Happy New Year.

(This is a Martini modified version of the Jewel Tree Meditation of Tibet, taught me by Robert Thurman while we were in Tibet.  You can watch him give it in Tibet here: or get a copy of Journey into Tibet here:)

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