Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Walking Dr. Drew into the Flipside

Here's the last 20 minutes of this interview, where I walk Dr. Drew into the Flipside. 

There's no hypnosis involved, he's never heard of "a council" - but according to the consistent reports, we all have them. You just need to know how to "get there." I've been a number of times before, have posted these clips on MartiniProds at Youtube

I recommend doing this with a Newton Institute trained therapist, as they're licensed and trained to do this kind of exploration, but I'm trying to show that we all can access this information if we open ourselves up to it. 

(Afterwards, Drew said he "really felt something" when the Sioux Chief "waved a ceremonial stick" over him.)  Burgermeister. In Mainz, Germany. "Wisdom is Wealth."

How could he feel something if he's inventing it? C'mon over to the Flipside, the water is fine.

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