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The Goddess of Memory

Something odd happened to me yesterday....

(How many posts start this way?)

...related to the flipside.
Goddess of Memory by Rosetti

As mentioned in yesterday's post, I was having lunch with Jennifer Shaffer near her office in Manhattan Beach when it appeared that Michael Newton had shown up while we were chatting about making it easier for people to access the flipside. 

But as I was leaving our lunch, I checked my cellphone for texts, and a word appeared on my instant message app:


I've never used this word before, had to look it up. You'd think at my old age, most words would have come into our view, and we've used or dismissed them. But this word means a couple of things; it's related to memory.  The original word in Greek means "mindful."

It's often used in terms with a "Mnemonic Device" - which is like a place holder for a memory.  Like "Every Good Boy Does Fine" to remember the notes on the treble clef. But it can be a phrase, a visual, or any kind of "place holder" to help us with our memory.

Jennifer and I had just been talking about remembering our loved ones.  Could this be a message from the flipside with regard to how to do it? Or how to make it easy to do?

Michael had suggested that my method of trying to help remember people - like toasting them in present tense - or taking a photograph out and imagine how and where the photograph was taken, and then to ask that person questions you don't know the answer to...  it was amusing that Michael replied "keep it simple."  As in KISS - "Don't make people think they have to work to remember their loved ones, just allow it to happen when they speak their name aloud or in their mind."

A tree we planted in Paul Tracey's memory,
Billy Meyer and Mark Caplis. Now only
Mark remains. (Billy and the tree are on
the flipside)
Isn't that a version of a Mnemonic?  I also noted - as I tried to reproduce the word on my phone to see if it would appear with two letters - MN - I remembered that whenever I wrote about Michael Newton on my blackberry, by typing MN I got another phrase.  "Auto spell" is like a Mnemonic. It takes your symbols and turns them into phrases.  And the word itself begins with his initials. Michael Newton.

It turns out my phone needs the first four letters M N E M to automatically make that word appear.  Did my pocket type MNEM?  Not sure how it could have, I had my cell in my hand, took it to the table, walked it into lunch, set it on the table, walked it back to my car, looked at it and saw the word had appeared.


Pronounced like "Demonic" but with an N. (amusing)

So I looked up the word. Where does it come from?


It comes from the Goddess of Memory.   That's Mnemosyne (good luck pronouncing that without a key) - but it's "Nee - moz - a - nee."  And it turns out she's one of the most famous Goddesses of all time, but has been ignored by authors for centuries.

Because her name was invoked before every Greek play.  They would stand in front of the audience and ask for Mnemosyne - Neemozanee - to help  them with their memory because plays are memorized, and they'd ask the Goddess of Memory for help "in getting it right."
Statue de Mnémosyne du parc du château de Compiègne

Which relates to how epic stories were told through human history.  People like Homer would recount stories that had been repeated to him - aloud - in the old tradition - and people would ask for help in making sure they got all the details correct.  This is how human history was carried for millenia before we started writing (and re-interpreting it) for others.

Mnemosyne was a Titan.  Her mom was Gaia - the mother of all mothers - and her dad was Uranus. Here's her Wikipedia entry:

Mnemosyne (/nᵻˈmɒzᵻniː/ or /nᵻˈmɒsᵻni/; Greek: Μνημοσύνη, pronounced [mnɛːmosýːnɛː]), source of the word mnemonic,[2] was the personification of memory in Greek mythology. A Titanide, or Titaness, she was the daughter of the Titans Uranus and Gaia. Mnemosyne was the mother of the nine Muses, fathered by her nephew, Zeus:
Calliope (epic poetry)
Clio (history)
Euterpe (music)
Erato (lyric poetry)
Melpomene (tragedy)
Polyhymnia (hymns)
Terpsichore (dance)
Thalia (comedy)
Urania (astronomy)
     In Hesiod's Theogony, kings and poets receive their powers of authoritative speech from their possession of Mnemosyne and their special relationship with the Muses.
       Zeus and Mnemosyne slept together for nine consecutive nights, thus birthing the nine Muses. Mnemosyne also presided over a pool[3] in Hades, counterpart to the river Lethe, according to a series of 4th century BC Greek funerary inscriptions in dactylic hexameter. Dead souls drank from Lethe so they would not remember their past lives when reincarnated. Initiates were encouraged to drink from the river Mnemosyne when they died, instead of Lethe. These inscriptions may have been connected with Orphic poetry (see Zuntz, 1971).

Similarly, those who wished to consult the oracle of Trophonius in Boeotia were made to drink alternately from two springs called "Lethe" and "Mnemosyne." An analogous setup is described in the Myth of Er at the end of Plato's Republic."

Okay - there were two springs... one was "Lethe" which you drank TO FORGET ALL YOUR PREVIOUS LIFETIMES (before coming here).

It's the "drink" we take before we come to the planet.  On your way in, stop, get a slurp of Lethe, and voila - no memory of your previous lifetimes.

But on your way back?  Another pit stop, get a slurp of the Mnemosyne spring and voila - YOU REMEMBER ALL YOUR PREVIOUS LIFETIMES.

So - was Michael Newton trying to put a word onto my cellphone that related to his life's work?  That he actually was a version of Mnemosyne - helping us to remember our past lifetimes? That reading "Journey of Souls" "Destiny of Souls" "Life Between Lives" and "Memories of the Afterlife" was like taking a drink of the spring of Mnemosyne?
Modern day Mnemosyne MN

By the way, if you want to take that drink, I highly recommend visiting the Newton Institute website - they have trained hypnotherapists who have learned the technique from the master himself.  They have a searchable database to find someone trained near you.  I recommend getting reviews from others, and speaking to the therapist first, before you go in, to see and hear what might be in store for you on your adventure.

Scott's the fellow on the right

If you're in California, I highly recommend my pal SCOTT DE TAMBLE who is in Claremont, CA, whose website is "" - who I've filmed 35 adventures with, and every single one of those that I've filmed he's been able to take people not only into a past life, but into the life between lives. (And when someone did not go into the life between lives, it was explained by this person's spirit guide why that wasn't going to happen.) Here's Scott giving a lecture in May of Last Year.

Scott is a virtuoso.  Full stop.  If you're reading this sentence and you're considering going on a between life adventure and you have the means to get into his office, do it.  Bring a camera, film it, show it to your friends.  That's what I've been doing for the past 8 years. (Flipside is a small sampling of those sessions)

Here's a talk the three of us did together last year.

But back to this discussion of the Goddess of Memory - she is the mother of the 9 muses.  ("Spirit council" perhaps?  When people have a near death experience, or a guided meditation, or a hypnosis session, or some rare individuals who remember these events, say that they saw themselves "standing before a council.")  

In Newton's work that council was between 6 and 12 individuals, and each member of the council represented some quality of learning that the person had achieved during their "successful" lifetime.  So, if asked "who is on your council and why are they there?" a person might answer "I see that person represents selflessness because I learned that profoundly during that lifetime, and there's one who represents music, and then there's another who represents courage..." etc.  

(Note: I know this experience because I've had it myself, thanks to Scott.  "Rich, go back to a previous time you were in front of your council - count how many people are there.  Now go into the most recent trip to your council, is there anyone new there who you can identify?"  I clearly saw the "new council member" and described why she was suddenly in my circle of advisors.)

So maybe the person who first wrote the story of Mnemosyne was someone who met her on his or her council. And counted the other 9 folks in the room and identified who they were.  In the Goddess of Memory's case, she has Calliope (epic poetry), Clio (history), Euterpe (music), Erato (lyric poetry), Melpomene (tragedy), Polyhymnia (hymns),Terpsichore (dance), Thalia (comedy), Urania (astronomy).

Look at these various talents; Epic Poetry (narrative story telling), History, Music, Tragedy, Hymns (Music with spirituality), Dance, Comedy, Astronomy, and Lyric Poetry (songs with emotional or spiritual content that are sung.)  It may seem oddly foreign to us - but if we examine the time frame, let's say its 2500 years ago - we're talking about 25 hours ago. (I had one person describe ten minutes on the flipside like 25 years of here - if you do the math, 2500 years may be like 10,000 minutes - or ABOUT A WEEK on the flipside.  So perhaps not so hard to remember those who've gone before from that time frame.

I spoke with Scott and Jennifer about doing a joint project together.  And I think it's going to revolve around something like this - the three of us in a room with someone who is willing to do hypnotherapy, then speak to people on the flipside while I pepper them with questions, while Jennifer downloads, unpacks what they're experiencing.  How cool would that be?

One other note - the last time that Michael "showed up" while we were having lunch, he said that from his side, he was doing a version of "noetic science" about how people on the flipside could communicate with us back here. Neither I nor Jennifer knew what the term meant.

"Noetic science" refers to "In philosophy, noetics is a branch of metaphysical philosophy concerned with the study of mind as well as intellect. Noetic topics include the doctrine of the agent/patient intellect (Aristotle, Averroes) and the doctrine of the Divine Intellect (Plotinus)." wikipedia

The Institute of Noetic Sciences is The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) is an American non-profit parapsychological[1] research institute. It was co-founded in 1973 by former astronaut Edgar Mitchell,[2][3][4] along with investor Paul N. Temple, and others interested in purported paranormal phenomena,[1] in order to encourage and conduct research on noetic theory and human potentials.[6][7]
The institute conducts research on such topics such as spontaneous remission,[8][9] meditation,[8] consciousness, alternative healing practices, consciousness-based healthcare, spirituality, human potential, psychic abilities, psychokinesis[9] and survival of consciousness after bodily death.[10][11] 

The institute maintains a free database, available on the Internet,[2] with citations to more than 6,500 articles about whether physical and mental health benefits might be connected to meditation and yoga.[8] Headquartered outside Petaluma, California, the organization is situated on a 200-acre (81 ha) campus that includes offices, a research laboratory and a retreat center (originally the campus of World College West).[12] Its current director is Cassandra Vieten."

I don't know much about the institute, but will check it out. 

So the words of the day (from Michael Newton) are "noetic" and "mnemonic."

Worth thinking about.

And finally... I sent someone a copy of the film "Flipside" today to a grieving parent, someone whose loved-one checked off the planet, and reached out to let them know they were still around via a "medium."  I sent the film to show the background of my work in this area and added this note, which is my way of trying to express what it is that I'm doing.... and that I'm not trying to "sell anyone" on this information. It's tailored to those who have a compelling interest in the topic.  In case anyone was wondering;

"I'm a film guy, about ten years ago started a documentary because my close pal died and came to visit me. I was trying to figure out how that could be (saw her, we traveled together, etc). Took me awhile, but stumbled onto the work of Michael Newton (Journey of Souls) which led me to DOPS at UVA and near death experiences.  And I was seeing the same info coming from people under hypnosis, as well as people experiencing near death events.  Which then led me to the science behind esp (Gary Schwartz Phd, Mario Beauregard PhD, Dr. Sam Parnia, Dr. Bruce Greyson - all consciousness investigators) and finally to mediums.  

And in my case, I worked with mediums that I knew of their work, and focused my attention on talking to one person on the flipside, through three different mediums to see if their reports were similar.  (in many cases identitical)  

Not all mediums are the same, everyone is different as you know - but when you get a consensus of opinion, the architecture of the flipside becomes a little bit clearer. as I try to point out in my blog these reports appear to be tailored (by those on the flipside) to not upset the world order, or to alter someone's path - they're so specific that only the person hearing them would be convinced beyond a shadow of doubt that they're coming from their loved ones. 

Others hearing the same info will remain unconvinced, skeptical - which is okay, because apparently we all choose our paths, and that may include a life in a closet... which is okay too, because "we're not in any hurry to get to the flipside."  Check it out - if it rings true to you, then (it's worth pursuing this research.)

My two cents.

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